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Looking to purchase a fabric mask and support a Philadelphia artist? As I continue to donate masks in the Philadelphia area, I am now offering masks for purchase. If you are looking to purchase a mask and can afford to do so, please consider purchasing from me. For every order I receive, I will donate a mask to the local community. Together, we can make sure everyone who needs one gets one! #Masks4all

Mask Specs

This Mask pattern is my own design. It is made of two layers of 100% Cotton fabric. It can be worn alone or over an N95 mask.

Want to make your own? Check out my pattern and instructions in my tutorial page.

-adjustable wire nose bridge
-adjustable elastic ear loops made of either 1/4” elastic or cord elastic, tie to fit snuggly on face
-reversible (Unless you choose a solid mask)
-filter pocket to add a filter layer of your choice (filter not included)
-unisex, one size fits most adults. If you feel like you need a larger mask just let me know.
-pleated sizes adjust to fit your face. Comfortable fit
-machine washable

Cloth masks are worn to keep you from touching your face. They do not replace a proper N95 mask. Proper care is important.

Current Patterns

How to Order

I am currently accepting orders through my Etsy Shop here. If stock is sold out or limited please check back in a few days!

Mask Care

When removing masks from packaging for the first time immediately wash in a washing machine with detergent and hot water then place in a dryer on the highest temperature setting. Discard packaging. If a washer and dryer are not available place the mask in a pot of boiling water for 3 minutes and lay flat to dry. Let cool completely after cleaning as heat from the fabric could create moisture when put in a bag for later use. Wash your hands or put on clean gloves before handling masks after cleaning. When cleaning used masks for others be sure to wear a clean mask during the process. Handle each mask one at a time and immediately place into a new clean and sealable plastic bag. Sandwich bags work great!

When wearing a mask for the first time, tie the elastic on each side to create ear loops.the elastic loop is intentionally left long so that you can tie it to fit. Adjust/retie as needed for a comfortable and snug fit around your face. I don’t suggest cutting the excess elastic because the ends will fray in the wash. Pinch/adjust wire over the nose bridge to fit around your nose and keep the mask in place. 

Do not remove a mask then put it back on without cleaning. Each time you put on a mask it should be a clean mask.

Masks have a small opening at the bottom if adding a filter is desired. Information regarding filters can be conflicting and at the time of this document’s creation no clear direction is available from any government authority. Please use your best judgement when adding a filter inside your mask

I can make Children’s masks if requested. The CDC does not recommend fabric masks for children under the age of two.

For sanitary reasons, masks are not returnable.



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